I Love Venice, Italy

When I arrived in Venice, my breath was taken away by its beauty. I instantly fell in love with the place. It surpassed my expectations, and was so much more amazing in the flesh, than it is through television and cinema screens. As my friend, Nicole, and I wondered around the city, getting lost among alleys and canals, we would often sigh and whisper, ‘I love Venice’. To read more about our experience click here.




Imaginations Run Wild, in San Marino

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of knights in shining armour? Castles looming on mountains? A princess trapped in the highest tower? A strange land with great and frightening creatures?

What did that land look like in your dreams? I am willing to bet that it looked a lot like San Marino. Three medieval towers atop of Mount Titano; a fortress on the edge of a cliff at the highest point.

What better place to have your childhood dreams come true. Let your imaginations run wild in San Marino by reading my article published by Travelicious World here!

san-marino-tower     img_20160915_120132