About Us

Your Travel Advisor

My name is Rowena Hoskins and I am the owner and travel advisor of Signpost Travel based out of Vancouver, WA. Since I was young I loved looking up at passing airplanes and imagining traveling to exciting places. I’ve been lucky to visit many parts of the world and experience the history, culture, and nature of those places first hand. I want nothing more than to help others experience the same. Beyond a love of travel I also have a passion for research. My educational background is in History and I’ve spent many hours pouring over books learning about distant places, cultures, and time periods. One of my favorite things about traveling to places like Europe is being able to step into the past. It’s something magical to be able to walk on floors that are hundreds of years old and imaging all those who have walked there before. Coming from the west coast of the US where everything is relatively new I get such a thrill from traveling to places that have been around for so long. I also think it is so important for us to travel and learn about other cultures. It’s a wonderful thing to see how we can be not only different but also so similar to someone on the other side of the globe. I now have two young children and I can’t wait for them to see the world with me!

Why Signpost?

I love the imagery of a post full of signs pointing to many destinations. To me it is an image of excitement and possibilities. Will you follow one or many signs? Will you take the quiet luxurious road or the adventurous one? Or maybe something in between. Whichever sign you choose to follow we are there to help you on your journey.